Installed left side skin and drilled armrests

February 18, 2015 – I installed the left side skin on the joined fuselage.


One issue I noticed is that the slot for the aft wing spar strap interfered with the strap, which kept the skin from sitting cleanly in place. So I filed the slot in the skins on both sides. The skins fit better now.



I also fitted the armrests. These just need to be fluted to the rivet holes line up. I also have to be careful with everything I do in the fuselage at this stage because it’s upside down. So the belly is up, left is right and right is left. Anyway, here’s one of the armrests in place:


These just get set aside for now. A lot of people strengthen these because they get leaned on quite a bit when getting in or out of the airplane, so I’m going to look for some appropriate angle to do that at some point.

Time: 2:05

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