Continued installation of left lower skins

January 20, 2012 – We continued to install the lower outboard skin on the left wing. The flap brace is completely installed, and I installed the hinge pins. They were a pain with the wing in the cradle, but I know they’ll be easier when the wing is horizontal and low to the ground.

We also got the pitot mast installed. I sealed it in place, as well.

We should have the left skins installed in just one more session, then we get to do it all over again.

Time: 4:40

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Installed pitot plumbing

November 24, 2011 – I got the fittings that I needed to make the plumbing for the pitot tube in the left wing. I am using the SafeAir tubing kit, but I had to get from the connection on the pitot tube to the plastic tubing in the kit. I bent tubing to go from the pitot down through the hole in the rib. I had seen this configuration on someone else’s site, and I liked it.

After I had it cut to fit and flared, I placed the tubing in the wing before I flared the other end. It was a little bit of a tight fit to do the other end, but not really a problem.

Here’s the fitting that came with the SafeAir kit that transitions from rigid tubing to the plastic. The plastic tubing will fit into this connector and go on to the inboard ribs and out into the fuselage.

Time: :30

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Pitot mast drilled

November 21, 2011 – I have drilled the pitot mast and started working on the plumbing in the left wing for the pitot tube.

I started out by marking lines that extend from the drilled holes in the tube out past where the mast will be. Then I put the tube in the mast and extended the lines onto the mast.

I drilled the holes and took them up to size, then checked the fit of the screws. These screws came with the pitot tube. I may replace them with stainless countersunk screws.

Time 1:35

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