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Aileron Trim

August 18, 2021 – I finished the installation of the aileron trim.

The trim block and shaft had been previously installed; I just needed to connect the block and handle to the aileron system. This is just the installation of springs to the trim arm. The springs are connected with .041″ safety wire. The wire is tighter than it looks in the picture…


Time: 2:00

Started aileron trim

January 14, 2016 – I started the assembly of the aileron trim mechanism.

I’m using manual aileron trim. This is just a setup using springs to help align trim forces directly to the control sticks.

The kit starts with a hard plastic block that needs some small modifications and some holes drilled.


The bracket for the aileron trim mounts between the center two seat ribs, and has a small handle for control. The bracket is drilled to the seat pan, and then installed between the ribs. I drilled the attach holes and the center hole for the handle itself.

011416002 011416003

011416004 011416005

If you are reading this and are familiar with this particular installation, you may realize what I did later on, that I put the bracket in the wrong location on the seat pan. Just another of the frustrating moments I’ve had lately…

I drilled and dimpled holes in the seat ribs where the bracket will be installed.


The arm that the springs will attach to needs to be bent approximately 10 degrees down (as installed). I marked the dimension of the bend, and just applied some leverage in the vise. Very easy.

011416007 011416008

The handle is attached to the spindle with a bolt, and has to be drilled. This was relatively straight-forward as well.


The spindle is assembled to the plastic block, then has to be drilled for a cotter pin.

011416010 011416011

The block is installed into the bracket. There is a flush screw under the handle. You have to countersink both the bracket and the block to accept the screw.


Here’s the completed bracket assembly, and the assembly in place between the seat ribs.

011416013 011416014 011416015

I’m going to wait to install the springs until after things are almost done in that area.

Time: 2:40

Installed F789 elevator pushrod

November 24, 2015 – I fought with the F789 pushrod and won…for the time being.

I installed the rod ends and jam nuts to achieve the total rod length per the plans: 49 15/16″. All very well and good until I realized I couldn’t get it in the tunnel intact. I did some research and found that this is a common problem.


So I removed the rod ends and marked on the threads where the jam nuts should be.


Once I got the pushrod in place, I also realized that it slightly interferes with the lower edge of the F705 bulkhead hole that the pushrod runs through. So I took it back out and opened the hole just a little bit. Dremel to the rescue. I knew this could be an issue but I wanted to make sure mine had the interference before I cut on it.

112415002 112415003

I put the pushrod back in place, installed the rod ends on each end, and installed the bolts and washers as needed. As usual, it was fun getting washers in between the rod ends and the mounts. Here’s the forward and aft ends:

112415005 112415006

I need to tighten the jam nuts, but I also want to wait until everything is rigged. I am not going to put the main pushrod in until later.

Time: 1:30

Installed elevator bellcrank

November 18, 2015 – I assembled the elevator bellcrank a long time ago. I decided to install it. The bellcrank goes in with some washers and a couple of spacers. I had to add two washers to get side-to-side motion out of it.


I also decided to fit the control stick bellcrank. I wrestled it in place before I realized I had to ream the bolt holes, so out it came again. It is shimmed in place with washers to fit, so that took a little bit of doing. I’ll have to record how many washers went where, but it’s in for the moment. I’m sure it will have to come back out at some point.


Time: 1:35

Assembled elevator control rods

October 14, 2015 – I assembled the ends on the painted elevator control rods. There are two rods, both different sizes.

The hardest part of this job is putting the correct end into the correct location, since I had drilled them and taken them back apart for deburring and paint.

The ends get pressed in and riveted, just like the aileron control rods.

101415010 101415011 101415013

I set them aside until after the top skins are installed.

Time: :30

Finished rudder cables

October 14, 2015 – I finished running the rudder cables through the bulkheads. As I stated in my last post, I had to figure out a way to get the cable ends through the snap bushings, since the bushings are smaller.


I just used two longer small screwdrivers, slid them into the bushing on each side of the cable end, and pried the snap bushings onto the cable.

101415002 101415003 101415004 101415005

I reinstalled the baggage compartment fixed side panels that I had to remove to get the cables through the bulkheads.

I also clamped the aft ends of the cables around the protective sleeves.


All that’s left on the rudder cables is to connect them to the pedals later on.

Time: 1:10

Started installing rudder cables

October 7, 2015 – I started to run the rudder cables into the fuselage on the right side.

The cables have to run through snap bushings that are placed in each bulkhead from the tail up to the pedals.

The cables come with teflon sleeves installed on one end. This sleeve goes through the cutout to the outside of he airplane at the aft end. The sleeve will be secured by a clamp.

100715009 100715010 100715011

The cable fittings don’t really fit through the snap bushings. They have to be forced through. I came up with a way to pry the fitting through the bushing using two small screwdrivers. I’ll post photos when I get them.

Anyway, the problem I ran into was that the baggage compartment side panels that are permanently installed  prevented me from getting the cable end through the snap bushings. I decided to remove the rivets from the top and aft sides of the cover panel. This gave me just enough access to get the cable through there and through the snap bushings.


Here’s a shot of the cable run on the right side in the aft fuselage:

100715008 100715012

Time: :40

Started elevator rods

October 7, 2015 – To get ready to install the upper skins, I needed to get started installing everything in the aft fuselage.

I drilled the elevator rods. The small rod between the control sticks is already done. It’s hexagonal, cut to length, and tapped for the rod ends. Just needs to be painted.

The large and medium rods have fittings that are placed in the ends and drilled, just like the aileron rods. I used the tape trick to get evenly spaced fasteners.

100715004 100715005 100715006

The end fittings are really tight-fitted. They were fun to remove after drilling.

I’m going to treat the tube interiors to prevent corrosion, then paint the outsides before assembly.

Time: 2:40