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Started Interior

September 15, 2021 – I started putting some interior pieces in, even though I can’t have most of it in before the inspection.

I did have to install the seat belts.

I also put the baggage compartment upper wall in place, since it does contain a required placard.

I installed the boots for the aileron pushrods. This is an option for the interior, but I’ve read a lot about air coming in that way.

The next item is a small piece of vinyl that covers the lower end of the pillar. This gets glued in with spray adhesive.

Then I test fit the carpet under the seats.

This is going to be very nice. Can’t wait to see this finished.

Time: 5:00

Panel Prep and Wiring

May 31, 2021 – I covered the panel and finished securing wires.

I cut out the ELT hole and did some cleaning up on the panel before covering it.

I also finished securing the wiring down through the center tunnel. Ugghhh! What back-breaking work. I also figured out that I probably did the damage to the armrest that I posted last time. I found my self leaning against it while I was working in the cockpit area and the baggage compartment. I added quick connectors for the fuel pump and the flap actuator. I anticipate that these components will need to be replaced at some point. I like the Amp 48 Series Wire Splice Connectors.

One mod I had to make. Where the wire bundle goes up the firewall, I had to cut access on the far right forward corner in the panel that forms the cabin heat box .

I was ready to install the panel. I got nice black 8-32 screws that are brass. Well, the third screw into the process broke. So I had to take the panel back out and replace that nutplate. I decided to order steel screws to install the panel. I have nothing in the panel that will be affected by the steel. I didn’t order steel screws for the instruments themselves, so I need to be careful when I install those.

Time: 21:20

ELT and Fuselage Work

March 5, 2021 – I installed the bracket for the ELT in the tailcone.

The dreaded Van’s ELT/strobe power supply bracket… at least for me, anyway. I didn’t have a good time doing the bracket on the right side for the ADSB, and this one was no different. I learned lessons the first time, so I guess there’s that…

These brackets fit between the stringers just aft of the baggage compartment wall.

I also made the doubler for the ELT antenna. This will go just forward of the vertical stabilizer.

Another project I decided to do was to install a conduit under the left seat and baggage compartment floor for the pitot and AOA tubing from the left wing. It was a drag to have to drill up these panels, but it will be worth it. Once again, I wish I had known back then how things were going to go late in the game.

Time: 6:45

Continued seat pans and other cockpit items

August 25, 2015 – The seat pans are ready to install.

I painted the seat pans and a couple of other cabin items. I also remembered to make the hinge pins for the seat backs. Here are the pins and two of them fit inside a hinge half.

082515001 082515002

I riveted the hinge halves to the left and right seat pans.


I also installed the nutplates on the F749 baggage compartment sidewalls. These panels are removable. I set them in place with no screws for the time being.

082515004 082515005

Here are the seat pans set in place, ready to install. I have a call out to my EAA Tech Counselors to see if anyone wants to look inside before I install these, since they are riveted in place. This is pretty cool…

082515008 082515009 082515010

Time: 2:40

Fitted F749 baggage compartment side panels

August 20, 2015 – I also fitted and prepped the removable side panels for the baggage compartment. These panels give access for some of the flap mechanism.

The top flanges of these panels have to be trimmed. There are notches that indicate the location of the trim. I marked the lines and cut them with snips, followed by a scotchbrite pad to clean everything up.

082015006 082015008

I later prepped the panels for paint.

Time: :30

Finished baggage compartment bulkhead

August 20, 2015 – I finished the baggage compartment bulkheads this week.

Since I had all the screw holes back-drilled through the F706 bulkhead, I needed to do the rivet holes for the nutplates. I took the bulkhead panels out, and used a nutplate jig to drill all the rivet holes, then I installed all the nutplates.

082015001 082015005

I drilled and installed the wear blocks for the shoulder harness cables.

082015002 082015003

082515006 082515007

After this was all done I temporarily installed the bulkhead panels in place.


Time: 1:35

Baggage compartment floors and bulkhead

August 12, 2015 – It’s been a while since I posted anything. The last work I did was just before Oshkosh. Then we got back and it’s been too hot to do much of anything.

I did get my throttle quadrant at Oshkosh. Got the DJM center mount throttle quadrant. I also ordered an Andair fuel selector valve.

I started on the baggage compartment floors. I realized that I had installed the nutplates in the two center ribs where the tunnel covers go, so I had to remove those nutplates.

081215001 081215002

I made sure all the holes in the floor panel were drilled, then I primed and painted them. Here they are clecoed in place.


These floors are pop-riveted in. That was pretty straight-forward. The aft flanges are solid-riveted and have nutplates installed.

I decided to try to get in and lay on top of these panels for easier access. In hindsight, I should have put a board in place for a little more support. It went OK, but there is one small buckle in one of the panels. The rest of the structure is OK. I ended up taking off the top skin so I could reach over to get better access.

081215004 081215005 081215006 081215007 081215008 081215009

I took out the four gussets between the longerons and the two bulkheads. I cleaned them up and painted them. They can go in anytime.


After the floor panels were in, I started on the aft bulkhead panels for the baggage compartment.

The lower panel is simple; just screw it in at the bottom and drill the holes through to the F706 bulkhead.


The upper panel is a little more work. It is just a raw piece of aluminum that’s already corrugated. The corners have to be trimmed to a 8 1/2″ radius. I marked that radius…


…cut it to shape, then cleaned up the edges.

081215013 081215014

I marked the locations of all the screw holes, and the locations for the cutouts where the shoulder harness cables will pass through. I piloted the holes to #30, then clamped the bulkhead in place and back-drilled the holes to the F706 bulkhead.

081215015 081215017 081215016

That was a good place to stop for the day.

Time: 8:20