May 8, 2020 – I connected the elevator trim servo to its wire bundle.

To get a connector in the tailcone where it can be accessed, I cut about a foot of the wire bundle and spliced it to the servo wires. Those wires are so short, they stay buried inside the elevator, so they needed to be extended.

One big issue I ran into was that I didn’t have wire strippers small enough to handle 26 gauge wire. I have an Ideal stripper, and I guess I wasn’t aware that the blades could be changed. I found a set on Amazon that was a whole lot cheaper than buying a new stripper. This range of wire sizes will make more sense for the work I have coming up.

So here’s the wire I have running from the servo out of the elevator. I’m just running it in the open space of the elevator leading edge. I installed a 6-wire molex connector I got from Stein.

The disconnect will lie in the space under the vertical stabilizer. Here’s the connection with the elevator on:

Time: 8:30

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