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Finished static port installation

November 3, 2015 – Knowing I was getting ready to install the aft top skins, I wanted to finish the installation of the static port bracket.

There would be one rivet for the skins behind (outboard) this bracket, so I clecoed the left side of the aft skin in place on the longeron, then shot the one rivet. Then I got out the squeezer and installed the bracket for good.

110315007 110315006

Time: :30

Finished static port mods

October 24, 2015 – I finally pulled my head out and took care of the mods for the static ports.

I made the bracket for the T-fitting for the tubing, and assembled everything in place. All I need to do is rivet the bracket to the bulkhead, but I’ll wait to see if I have access to the rivets for the top skin at that location.


I ran the tubing across to connect the two ports. I got some nice 1/4″ nylon clamps to hold it all in place. A little more aircrafty than tie-wraps.


Time: 2:00

Static port engineering

October 14, 2015 – Since I mis-drilled the locations for the static ports, I have to engineer a fix to route the tubing.

The static ports are supposed to be in front of the bulkhead; I drilled the holes behind. So the tube that runs forward needs to be routed past the bulkhead. I’m making an angle to hold the t-fitting, and drilled a hole through the bulkhead so the tubing has a straight run.

I think this setup will work fine. Note that this is not done yet; the pictures show a roughly cut bracket in place.

101415015 101415016

Time: :50

Installed air vent scoops and static ports

October 14, 2015 – I had some sealant available, so I installed the air vent scoops and the static ports. These just get glued into place with sealant. Some people add some fasteners to these, but I didn’t see the need.

I figured out the specific location of the scoops, then marked them and taped around them to keep the sealant under control.

101415006 101415007 101415008

The static ports just took a little bit of sealant and they went right in.


Time: 1:30

Started static ports

September 29, 2015 – I started to work on the static ports.

I’m using the SafeAir static port kit, which requires a 1/4″ hole in the skin on each side of the fuselage.

I carefully laid out the location of the hole on the right side. I needed to make sure that the hole was located so that the port would fit without interference next to the bulkhead.


Those of you who have done this, you see anything wrong?

I drilled the hole on the right side, then made sure the port fit inside.


Well, if you haven’t caught it, I drilled the hole aft of the bulkhead instead of forward like the plans call for. That was a time just to put everything down and walk away…

Well, I put a post on, and got some response. I called Van’s during the builder support time. The gentleman I talked to was of the opinion that the few inches change would not make a difference.

So I will probably drill the other side the same; I just need to be creative when I route the forward run of the tubing. I’m thinking it will go through the bulkhead.

Time: :20