Painted leading edge ribs and skins

December 14, 2010 – The most important thing about today is that it’s my 25th wedding anniversary! But due to the fact that LJ had to work, I still get to work on the airplane.

Over the last week I have alodined and primed the leading edge ribs, and got them and the leading edge skins primed. I also painted the landing light bays the traditional flat black. I  read a note in the instructions for the Duckworks lights where they advise painting the upper surface of the interior of the landing light bay a brighter color, since the cutout points more down than forward. A lighter color on the top will permit some reflection of the light downward. So I painted the upper portion white as you can see in the photo. I also painted the sides of the ribs that will form the bay for the lights. I used the nutplates as the guide for where the line should stop, since that is where the bracket will sit.

Time: 3:10

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