Began landing light prep work

December 1, 2010 – Over the last couple of days I have done the sheet metal work in preparation for the landing light installation. I decided to get the Duckworks regular 55W rectangular lights. I’m putting a light in each wing, and they will be in the most outboard bay, just inboard of the wingtips. The kit comes with very nice instructions.

To start with, I cut out the template for the leading edge cutout. The edge of the template also gets cut, so it can align with the fasteners in the rib inboard of the light. I aligned the template in place on the leading edge and taped it in place, then traced the outline of my cutout.

To do the cutout, I began by using a Unibit for each corner, then I used a cutoff wheel between those holes. Then a combination of rotary files and scotchbrite discs until the opening was nice and smooth.

I then used a template to locate the holes in the ribs that the landing light bracket will attach to. The holes will contain nutplates, and the attach screws can be loosened, allowing the bracket to be adjusted. I drilled the holes through the template, took them up to #10, then used a nutplate jig to drill the rivet holes for the nutplates.

I’ll install the nutplates after everything is painted.

Time: 2:40

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