September 6, 2021 – I weighed the airplane.

While I was finishing the rudder pedal project, Our EAA chapter president came by unannounced with the scales. I hadn’t even started on the interior yet, but we could locate those parts in the appropriate places on the airplane and proceed with the weigh.

We leveled it and rolled it up onto the scales.

This really made my day! I was hoping for 1100 pounds with the full interior. And that’s just what I got! The next day, I drained the remaining fuel out of the tanks. It weighed 9.5 pounds, so I’m right at 1100.

Now that it’s weighed, I’m going to finish the rudder pedal reinstall, remove the panels, and I’m already scheduled for the inspection! I also have to put fuel in the airplane and calibrate the Dynon, then I’ll juggle the fuel load so we have 1/2 tanks for the test flight. I’ll do the interior after the inspection is done.

Time: 2:45

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