Engine Run!

July 22, 2021 – A momentous day!

It’s time for an engine run. I rolled the airplane out to pre-oil. I had the lower plugs out and I pulled the coil wires on each P-Mag. Got in and turned the engine over. I did two 5-second cycles. No oil pressure yet. After the second try, I noticed that I was reading 1 PSI. So I knew the third time would be the charm. Sure enough, as soon as the prop started turning the oil pressure shot up.

I pushed the airplane back into the hangar and started to prep for the run.

While I was doing this I had some “help”. No seriously, these guys at the airport have been a huge support throughout this project and I appreciate everything they do, including their close supervision…  🙂

I installed the lower plugs, found some bolts that needed to be tightened, and went over the entire engine compartment and the cockpit.

After lunch we rolled it back out and tied the tail to a truck.

It started on the second blade!

I have some things to deal with.

  • I had no RPM.
  • It appears that the #4 cylinder was pretty much just along for the ride.
  • There are a few small oil leaks.
  • I have some brake leaks; one inside and one at the left brake.

Here’s the video:

Time: 5:00

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