Started Gear Leg Fairings

July 22, 2021 – While I’m waiting to do my engine run and later tasks to get ready for inspection, I started on the gear leg fairings.

The drawing for the leg fairings contains a full-scale template for each RV model. I chose to use measurements instead of cutting up the sheet.

The fairings are held tight by a hinge that is installed inside the fairing.

I’m pretty sure I’ll have to trim the total length of these fairings. There’s some interference between the fairings and the brake lines at the lower end that should be relieved by trimming the fairings. That trim should be covered by the wheel pants.

I also started the wheel pants.

the first part of this job is to sand the fairing halves so they fit nicely together. I also drilled the holes for the screws.

I also trimmed the openings for the tires. I took measurements off of another RV-7.

I’m at a stopping point on these. I don’t need these to fly, and Oshkosh is around the corner. I also need to look into jacks for the airplane, since the book calls for the airplane to be level and off the ground.

Time: 9:05

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