More Miscellaneous Items…

July 22, 2021 – Things are getting close. I did some smaller items.

I connected the sticks and their wiring. I wasn’t looking forward to this because of the washers that need to be placed, but once I got a system down it went well.

I installed the upper spark plugs. I’m using automotive plugs with inserts. Placed the inserts with copper anti-seize in the cylinders finger-tight, then ran the plugs in, and torqued the plugs to 18 in-lbs.

I also installed the fuel selector valve.

I needed to have some sort of placard for the fuel caps. Some people engrave the caps. If I’d thought about it for the many years the wings were dormant, I would have done that. In the spirit of temporary permanence, I found some printable vinyl that can be used for making stickers and made these.

Time: 5:40

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