Continued Baffles and various Firewall Forward items

October 10, 2019 – Because the baffles can block access to some items, and there’s a lot of items that are dependent on other items being installed, I’m installing several items along with the baffles.

The prop oil line passes through the right front ramp, so I needed to install that. What a pain. The grommet fits, but the ramp stack-up is pretty thick, and the grommet is really hard to get into place.

Here’s the view from above and below.

I also installed the oil dipstick tube.

I wanted to check the routing of the tubes for the oil cooler, so I temp installed the cooler and loosely routed the oil lines in and out. Nothing here is permanently installed yet.

After painting the inlet on the left side, I temp installed it. The way I’ve done this, the snorkel and the baffle are a single assembly. It’s kind of a pain, but it can be installed and removed as a unit. The one issue is that the forward left baffle that goes up behind the spinner needs to be installed separately. So I’m using screws and nuts here.

I just started on the baffle seals, but no picture yet. That’ll be next time.

Time: 15:00

One thought on “Continued Baffles and various Firewall Forward items

  • April 14, 2020 at 2:08 am

    Hello Pete,
    Introducing myself…
    Tim Cook, Chino CA,
    RV-7A with a Superior XP-IO-360 Horizontal Induction.

    Just monitoring your progress. Seems I am just a little behind you on my 7A, so am curious of your end vision given what I see includes the snorkel integration.

    My last months+ has been keeping many spinning plates spinning including fitting the cowl and deciding on developing a custom plenum including inlets . My progress has been tedious, but is progressing.

    Just looking to make contact.

    Tim Cook


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