Air Filter Fitted

August 29, 2019 – I have the air filter fitted to the snorkel.

In the last update, I had fitted and drilled the filter retainer brackets to the snorkel. This time around, I enlarged the square hole in the inlet ramp to allow the filter to drop in.

I riveted the angles to the snorkel as required.

One mistake I made was to trim all four edges of the hole in the ramp, but the intent is for the filter to slide under the forward lip, then have retainers on the inboard and outboard sides. I also didn’t like that stock setup for retaining the filter, since I had a very small margin on the outboard edge, plus I needed to install an angle to connect the ramp and the vertical baffle. So I decided to make a doubler that went all the way around the filter hole, and incorporated the angle for the vertical baffle.

Then I made a retainer that secures the filter on 3 sides, and the filter slides under the doubler on the forward edge.

I drilled rivet holes for the doubler, then drilled screw holes for the top retainer. I bent the edges of the retainer down so they would slightly contact the filter.

I test fit the filter. Looks great. The bent edges even just touch the rubber seal around the filter element.

I made the original retainer out of .025″, but I decided to make another one out of .032″. It’s a bit more sturdy.

I bent the aft retaining angle that is attached to the snorkel, since it rests under the baffle behind the snorkel.

I’m happy with how this fits. I just need to install the nutplates and rivets as required to put this thing together.

One other thing I did was to trim the left inlet ramp support bracket that goes inboard of the snorkel. I trimmed about 5/8″ from the supplied plate. It seems to fit nicely, but I’m going to wait to do any more until I fit the baffles that go up in front behind the spinner and flywheel.

Time: 9:00

2 thoughts on “Air Filter Fitted

  • August 29, 2019 at 3:15 pm

    Looks great Pete. Sounds like you’re upgrades will make for a performing, sturdier aircraft. What a cool project!

  • August 29, 2019 at 3:16 pm

    “Better performing”


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