Replaced prop oil line

June 25, 2019 – I decided to replace the prop oil line with a steel tube.

I didn’t like the mess that the right inlet ramp was becoming, so I took a step backwards.

I decided to order the steel tube for the prop oil line that is recommended. I found the Lycoming parts manual for the IO-360-M1B and ordered the tube and associated parts from Air Power in Arlington. Had to call them with a question and they were very helpful. The tube part number is 75167 and it works with the Superior cold air sump. I also ordered the replacement baffle parts from Van’s.

With parts in hand I tried to thread the oil tube into place. Kind of a puzzle, but I held my tongue just right and it went into place. I had to turn the fittings on each end just a bit, but here it is:

BTW, I never was able to find a good picture online, so you’re welcome… I still have to secure it in place permanently, but this will work for the baffle work.

I worked on the replacement baffle pieces and got to where I needed to be last week.

With the 1″ hole for the oil line, things are looking much better.

Now I’m ready to start fitting the cowls with the baffling.

Time: 1:30

One thought on “Replaced prop oil line

  • July 5, 2019 at 9:43 am

    man – all that clean metal is kind of exciting


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