Continued Baffles

June 13, 2019 – More baffling work…

I retrieved my firewall sealant from the house, and sealed and installed the scat tube connection. Here’s the baffle for #3 in place, and a close up of the bracket that secures it to the case.

I secured the #4 baffle in place as well, since these two will tie together.

#4 is also secured to the case with a bolt and a spacer.

I put together #2. It was pretty straightforward.

Guess I didn’t get a picture of the side baffle for #1. But it does get a special doubler made. made general cuts per the drawing, but it’s easiest just to cleco it to the baffle plate and sand to fit from there.

There is a bracket that mounts on top of the engine for the rear baffles. The fuel line for #4 was in the way. I just disconnected it from the manifold, turned the clamp around and adjusted a bend or two. It works great.

There is also a bracket that mounts at the front.

Here’s everything so far:

Then I started on the inlet ramp for #1. There are several pieces for this.

The oil line for the prop will pass through this baffle. You are supposed to drill a hole for it. Here’s the first real issue I’ve had with the baffles so far. The kit includes a grommet for a steel oil line to the prop, so the hole needs to be 1″. I have a flexible tube for the oil line, and the part that will pass through the baffle is 1″ in diameter. OK. We’ll see what happens. I drilled a 1″ hole to start with.

I had to enlarge the hole outboard because the oil line comes up through the baffle at an angle.

The oil line will not allow the baffle to lie in position to secure the bracket.

So I decided to remove material so that the oil line will pass through, connect without cross-threading, and the baffle will lie in the correct position. It’s pretty ugly, and I’ve lost two rivet locations, but I think I can relocate them. I just have very little edge distance on the top angle forward of that hole. I’m going to consult some people smarter than I, and see what develops here.

The ramp also interferes with the flywheel, but I believe that will not be a factor after the ramp is fit to the lower cowl.

I did the left side inlet ramp. No issues that compare to the right side.

So here’s where we stand. The next step is fitting the ramps to the lower cowl.

Time: 7:30

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