Installed exhaust

August 29, 2018 – Well, that was pretty easy. I got the exhaust installed today.

I got the crossover tubes installed and torqued the pipes to 180 in/lb.

The hangers were pretty simple as well. Vetterman gives you clamps and everything you need to support the pipes at the exit.

I installed the lower cowl to check the space at the exit. Have lots of room there.

The pictures look like the pipes turn outwards, but that’s just the camera angle. They both point straight back.

I attached two angles at the aft corner bolts on the sump, then used the supplied hardware and rubber tube to connect to the clamps on the pipes. The clamps are supposed to be as far aft as possible to provide good support.

Once I got the vertical hangers in, I supported the pipes horizontally to each other. I had to cut the provided tubes because of the short distance between the pipes.

Time: 2:20



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