Cowl fasteners complete

August 18, 2018 – I’ve finished the Skybolt fasteners for the cowl. There’s a few fit and finish items I have to try to take care of.

After drilling the actual fastener holes in the top cowl for the split lines that run fore and aft, I had to fill the cleco holes.

Meanwhile, I moved the flanges to the inside of the lower cowl, then I countersunk the rivet holes.

I prepped and deburred the flanges and clecoed them in place for installation.

I riveted them in place, and then installed the fasteners, and tried the fit of the entire cowl.

Pretty cool. I made adjustments on a few of the fasteners all the way around, and I had two receptacles that needed to be changed to floating receptacles. I installed and adjusted those.

My biggest problem right now is that I have a pretty healthy gap of about 1/8″ at the outboard leading edges of the cowl on both sides. I’m going to try just to add material to the top cowl at that location.

Time: 7:20

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