Installed wheels on gear legs

February 8, 2018 – Today I drilled the axles and installed the wheels and tires.

I wanted to install the gear into the airplane one time, after the wheels were completely done. However, I couldn’t hold the gear legs and the wheels adequately where I could torque the wheels and locate and drill the axle holes. So I decided to put the gear in the airplane and do the work that way.

My friend Chris (Sticker) came over to help. First of all, don’t ask why he goes by “Sticker”. I don’t know. Someday I’ll get the story.

Anyway, we hoisted the airplane, still with the intention to install the gear for good, then work the wheels and let it down and be done.

We greased up the gear legs, and had a really hard time getting them all the way up and into position where the bolt holes line up. The right gear is about 1/4 hole off, and we could never get it all the way into position. So we threw some temporary bolts into the holes, and decided that we would put the airplane on a sawhorse, and I would do the wheels.

I torqued the axle nut (as best I could); there is no firm data on torque published. I started the holes with a short #30 bit in an angle drill, then drilled with a #40, then a #30.

I deburred it all, then reinstalled the wheels.

We’re going to remove the gear legs, clean everything up, chamfer edges, then try to install the gear legs for good.

Time: 3:00

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