Started main landing gear

February 2, 2018 – Okay. Now that the engine mount is on, I want to look towards getting the airplane on it’s feet.

The brake flanges need to be reamed to 5/16″. It was more removal of powder-coating than any material. I also ran the reamer through the holes in the gear legs.

I then made 6 spacers that are 13/32″ long. These provide a standoff for the wheel pant bracket.

The brake bracket attaches to the flange using 3 of the 4 bolts. This took some research online to figure out how these parts go together. I’d read that the drawings and instructions were practically non-existent, and that the instructions refer to Cleveland parts. My parts are from Matco. I found some pretty good documentation from other people. I also discovered that I had to trim the wheel pant brackets to fit the Matco brakes. So I marked what had to be trimmed, and clecoed the two wheel pant brackets together to make the cutouts the same.

I drilled the screw and nutplate holes in the brackets. Once that was done, I prepped and painted them.

I started on the wheels and tires. Here’s a wheel assembled as shipped from Matco.

The plated part is the brake rotor. It’s assembled with the wheel halves. I disassembled one wheel.

I had previously put air in the tubes to make sure they were OK, since they came from Vans folded up in plastic bags. I deflated them totally in order to put them in the tires.

I shook a fair amount of talcum powder into the tires and shook it around. This would help lubricate the tube as it was placed inside.

Trying to keep the valve stem more or less in line with the red dot on the tire sidewall, I stuffed the tube into the tire.

Once it was cleanly in place, I put a little bit of air in the tube to make it fill into the tire.

Here’s the tube with the valve stem:

Then it was time to install the wheel halves into the tires. I used some dishwashing soap to lube the tire. The outboard wheel half has a hole for the valve stem. Easy enough to put it in the proper position. These wheels do not have a grommet for the valve stem.

I put the wheel halves together, along with the brake rotor and installed the bolts, which get torqued to 100 in/lbs.

I was a little confused about securing the valve stem. I had nuts that came with the tubes, and  I assumed they would secure the valve stem after the wheel was assembled. But thethreads on the valve stem stopped before the not would secure anything.

I called Matco, and they told me that the valve stem did not need a grommet or a locknut. OK.

I assembled the brake flange and wheel pant brackets on the gear legs, hopefully for the last time. These nuts and bolts are so close to the brake flange, and were a real pain to torque. Here’s several views of the left and right gear legs:

Next I have to lube the wheel bearings, install the wheels, and drill the cotter pin holes in the axles.

Time: 7:10

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