Started canopy latch

June 7, 2017 – I started the canopy latch, and plan to finish after the aft anchor blocks are done.

It was a simple enough matter to loosely assemble the handle part of the latch before trying it in place on the canopy.

I did have to open up the space in the latch arm where it wraps around the bushing on the shaft. Just a few swipes with a round file…

I got in the airplane, and put the handle in place on the canopy to check where it sits vertically. Whoa! the arm is 3/8″ below the pin on the frame. It took me reading the instructions a few times to figure out (I hope I’m right…) that I can trim the tube that is attached to the frame. So while the canopy was off while I was working on the aft anchor blocks, I cut off just shy of 3/8″ from that tube.

I still have to deburr that cut, but I loosely tried the fit, and it’s close, but not quite there. One thing I’m wondering about is if I can bend the latch arm a little bit to fit in place. I’ll look into that…

Time: :45

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