Slider aft anchor blocks

June 7, 2017 – Except for some possible minor tweaking, the aft anchor blocks are done.

The sliding canopy is held at the aft end by pins that slide into plastic blocks. The pins are set at a funky angle. A friend of mine at work (he’s a multiple offender, by the way: a flying RV-6, almost done with a -9A, and he has an 8 in the crate.)…Anyway, he had a drill press set up for his blocks, so he drilled mine. I had hime drill the blocks to the measurements on the plans, even though I knew mine wouldn’t fit correctly.

I drilled the attach screw holes through the blocks and the metal channels. I marked the holes, drilled with a #30, then a #21, then used a .189 reamer and countersunk for the screws.

I started by reaming the canopy pin holes up to .262″, since the pins on the canopy measure at about .255″. I put them in place and tried the fit of the canopy.

Yup. I knew my canopy frame was slightly wider than it should be, so I just kind of reamed the holes until the pins slid in without too much fuss.

Once things were in pretty good shape, I took everything apart, painted the metal channels, and reassembled it all.

Time: 3:00

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