Continued sub-panel structure prep

November 3, 2015 – After the subpanel assembly was removed to the table, I took it apart and started prepping the parts.


I had two pieces, however that needed to be remade.

The F7108B angle that stiffens the center rib had two holes with bad edge distance. These are the two holes that get bolts that hold the center windshield support.


So  I cut a new angle, drew the fastener line, and drilled it to the center rib. This came out much better.

110315003 110315004 110315005

I also had to remake the F7109 plate because I had made the first one from the wrong material.

The firewall holes where the three ribs attach needed to be dimpled as well. Wasn’t sure how to do this, so I came up with the following sequence using a rivet, an angle with a countersunk hole and a bucking bar.

110315018 110315019 110315020 110315021 110315022 110315023

Time: 3:40

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