Started sub-panel structure

October 25, 2015 – The sub-panel structure is the structure that supports the instrument panel. The structure runs between the firewall and the panel itself.

There are a few angles and parts that need to be made before starting. I took some of the pieces to work and cut them during breaks. I’ll drill as I go…


I clecoed some of the larger pieces in place on the fuselage.

The F7109 plate reinforces the center F7108A rib. The rib is piloted with the fastener holes. To make sure the plate is in the correct location, I put it in place, then marked the holes through the rib, then made sure I had good edge distance before drilling.

102515003 102515004 102515005

The rib is supported at the sub-panel by an angle, but I didn’t know where to drill that angle. I drilled the holes on one leg of that angle where the plans say to, and clecoed the angle to the rib.


I decided to cleco the top skin in place to get everything in position. I figured out that this particular skin does have a left and a right side, and a top and bottom surface. It looks symmetrical, but it’s not.


With everything firmly in place, I drilled the angle through the sub-panel.


In other news, my finish kit is set to ship the week before Thanksgiving.

Time: 3:30

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