July 15, 2015 – I started out this week by drilling the F709 bulkhead. This bulkhead mounts aft at the aft deck. The lower three rivet holes on each side are not pre-punched, so they have to be picked up through the aft top skin.

071515002 071515001

I then clecoed the F787 stiffener into place under the top skin and made the F707B angle clip. I rolled the top skins to one side so I could get to the clip to drill it.

071515003 071515004 071515005 071515006


Next was drilling the F656 gussets to the longerons. These were fun because they have to be somewhat immobilized by the skins and bulkheads, since the tops of the bulkheads can move. I clamped the gussets in place and used an angle drill to drill the attach holes.

071515007 071515008

Well…because I was drilling around a corner, I messed up one of the gussets, totally missing one of the holes. I did decide that this would be structurally OK. You can see the missed hole in the gusset in this picture:



I clecoed both skins back into place.



I moved on to the F6111 reinforcing ribs since I’m doing a slider. These had to be twisted and trimmed to fit into place. I fluted the first one. I wish I hadn’t, because it was really unnecessary. I’ll see if I can clean it up somewhat, since these will be visible. I marked the centerline of the outer flange. I had trouble figuring out how to hold them in place for drilling, but used some pieces of door shim with clamps.


Here are the right and left ribs clecoed in place:

071515012 071515013

Getting ready to go up to Oshkosh (driving), so it’ll be a little while before I can continue work…

Time: 5:00

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