Finished riveting aft fuselage

January 7, 2015 – Today I finished riveting the aft fuselage.

Before I started the left side. though, I knew that the slots for the longerons through the bulkheads were too small for the longerons to fit through. So I took a file to them; wasn’t sure how access was going to be on the right side with the skins already installed, but it wasn’t an issue. I only had to remove just a little bit of material for the longeron material to fit:

010715001 010715002


Then I started on the left side. I knew I’d need help to do the lower “stringers”; where the belly skin meets the side skins. Another good friend, Stan, came over and we took care of those two rows in no time.

Here’s the left side before we did the bottom rows:

010715004 010715003

Time: 5:30

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