Ailerons rigged

October 29, 2011 – Today I got both ailerons rigged.

With all the aileron hinge hardware and the control rods installed, I did the adjustment for the ailerons.

I used the aluminum angle that i originally used to rivet the trailing edge of the rudder. There are two tooling holes in the outboard wing ribs that align with a perfectly centered aileron. I drew a line along the aluminum angle, then drilled holes in that angle to coincide with the tooling holes. I used draw clecoes to hold the angle in place. I also figured out where the aft tip of the aileron would be in relation to the angle, and I drilled a slot in the angle at that point.

The first aileron I did was the left. I had set the small rod to the length called for in the plans, and this is where the aileron fell.

With the rigging tool supplied by Van’s in place,  I adjusted the small control rod until the aileron was centered. You can just see the tip of the aileron in the picture below:

Here’s a view from the backside of the angle:

After the left wing was done, I made a couple of the spacers for the right side, and adjusted the right aileron the same way.


Time: 2:20

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