Flaps assembled

October 18, 2011 – I have finished with the assembly of both flaps, except for installing the hinges.

I riveted the upper skins to the ribs, then I installed the inboard and outboard end ribs. With the “aft spar” as part of the lower skins, you don’t have access to put in solid rivets at the trailing edges, so you have to install blind fasteners.

The nutplate for the flap control rod also made things a little interesting as far as installing that skin rivet right there, but with a little patience, it can get done.

You also have to remember to install the shims where the upper and lower skins overlap.

That got me down to the aft two fasteners in the outboard ribs, where you can’t fit a bucking bar. I used my normal indirect back-riveting method here.

I’m ready now to attach the hinges, after I cut the slots for the hinge pin installation.


Time: 4:55

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