Began aileron assembly

July 26, 2011 – I have cleaned, alodined, and primed the aileron parts.

The first step in assembly is to rivet the nose ribs to the counterbalance pipes.

I then attached the doubler plates to the spars by installing a nutplate at the outboard end and rivets where necessary.

The leading edge skin then gets clecoed into place:

…and the ribs get riveted to the spar:

The UPPER skin fasteners are installed. The lower fasteners are left out to allow room for riveting along the spar.

I realized that I hadn’t dimpled the spar fastener holes in the aft skins, so I did that.

I built a holder to support the ailerons for riveting. I just cut blocks of 2×6 and 2×4, and attached them to my table, then put a screw through the spar into the 2×6 on each end. Notice the lower skin left open in order to allow access to the inside of the spar for riveting.


Time: 3:15

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