Aileron parts deburred and dimpled

July 20, 2011 – Over the last couple of weeks I have ventured into the oven that is my garage and slowly prepped the aileron parts for painting and assembly.

I cleaned the counterbalance pipes on the inside the best I could. I used AeroKroil and let it soak, then I used a gun brush. I cleaned it out with alocohol, then I taped off all the holes, and coated the inside (I hope) with Corban 35, a corrosion-preventative compound we use at work. I realize these are galvanized steel pipes, but I want to make sure I don’t have to worry about any corrosion. I cleaned the outside really well with acetone, and I primed.

I deburred everything else, and countersunk the rivet holes for the doubler plates for the hinges.

After I got everything else dimpled, I had to tackle the holes for the rivets that attach the counterbalances to the skin. I wasn’t sure how to get a dimple die into the leading edge skin so that it would be effective yet not damage the interior of the skin. I realized that since I had already sountersunk the pipes to accept these skin dimples, I could use those countersinks to dimple the skin.

So I clecoed the pipe in place in the skin, and set it all on a 2×4 for support.

I used the shaft from my c-frame with the correct male dimple die in place.

Two good hits from the mallet, and I was in business…


Time: 4:45

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