Installing trailing edge fairings

June 8, 2011 – I’ve deburred, cleaned, primed and installed the aileron gap fairings and the left flap brace. It’s been hot here, so I try to get done what I can as early as possible, and I’ve been quitting around 1 pm.

On the right wing, I realized that I still had to install the five rivets in the skin at the very inboard end at the aft spar, where there is the buildup for the spar attach. So Joe came over and we knocked those out. Now I can install the right flap brace, and then I can start on the ailerons.

On a side note, I found an ad on Vans Air Force for a tail strobe for $60. I jumped on that. Now all I need is a steal on a pitot tube.

Time: 6:05

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