Attached aileron hinge brackets

June 4, 2011 – Well, the date is misleading, but the work goes on. When I was ready to do this update last week, my hard drive died, so I haven’t been able to do this until now.

I finished the aileron hinge brackets and riveted them to the aft spar on both wings.

In the previous post, I had painted all the parts for the hinges. I assembled each bracket on the table.

Then I clecoed each one to its respective position. The outboard hinges also get riveted to the outboard ribs, so I drilled and deburred those holes, then clecoed them in place. In my constant effort to go overboard, I used sealant when assembling the brackets, and when installing them on the spar.

I then riveted all the hinges.

The next step is to install the flap braces and aileron gap fairings.

The flap braces get trimmed where they fit over the doublers at the inboard end of the spar. There are guide holes in the parts, where you remove that small section of material.

I then cut both flap braces on those lines.

I test-fitted the four pieces on the aft spars. I’ll remove and clean them up this week.

Time: 4:55

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