Prepped and painted aileron hinge brackets

May 25, 2011 – Over the last week or so I’ve worked on the aileron hinge bracket assemblies.

I assembled them all using clecoes and I test-fitted them on the aft spar.

Here’s the outboard and how it fits:

And the inboard. I discovered that I’ll have to slightly modify the brackets to clear a fastener through the skin at that point:

When I clean up and deburr pieces that layer together like these do, I usually clean the edges as a unit. So while they wre clecoed together, I polished the edges using my usual Scotch-Brite pad in a die grinder. This aligns all the edges together. I just sanded the corner to clear the rivet and rounded that lower edge so the bracket fits nicely in the radius.

I took all the pieces apart, keeping them in groups. I cleaned and alodined them all, then primed.

I’ve read that primer in the counterbored hole for the bearing interferes with that bearing, so I found a socket that fit the hole, and rolled it in tape to fit. I placed the socket in each hole as a mask, and painted. The holes came out nice and clean.


Time: 2:05

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