Landing light lens work

April 19, 2011 – I began working on installation of the landing lights in the wing leading edges.

I am using the Duckworks rectangular lights. The instructions start by having you mark and cut the lenses to size. They suggest an ideal measurement of 3/4″ on the top and bottom and 5/8″ on the sides. I went ahead and marked those dimensions on the leading edge around the cutout, then placed the lens over the top of the leading edge and traced those marks.

I cut the lines using my dremel.

Here’s the lenses after cutting:

I used a large, coarse file to clean the edges, then I used a utility knife to scrape and slightly round the edges. I’m really happy with how they came out. I still need to cut the corners, but I may wait on that until the attach brackets are installed, then I’ll cut the lenses to shape.

The next step is to drill the lenses through the leading edge of the wing. To help hold the lenses tightly in place, you use tape so you can pull the lens tightly into position.

I also painted the brackets for the lights. These will be installed inside the leading edge.


Time: 2:10


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